As the name implies, nautical charts are charts or maps used for marine navigation. These maps are as important as maps are in road transport. They are used to help marine’s captain and crew configure shoreline as well as sea floor. They also provide water depths, locations, anchorages, and various related features. Nautical maps are highly important for safe navigation. Being a mariner, you can use these maps to plan voyages and navigate your ship safely and economically.

Your nautical map consists of information, including the geography of a particular water area, the depth of the water, the level of tides, information about the route, and much more. In addition to this, these charts also have information about the presence of any bridges or constructions in the water. There are two types of nautical charts available, including

  • The traditional nautical maps that are usually drawn on paper
  • The modern nautical maps that are created digitally on computers

In the present era, mariners prefer to use modern nautical maps. However, it is important to use traditional maps as it could save you in situations when the electronic equipment fails and help you avoid any dangerous problems. Nautical maps are drawn by professionals on the basis of studies on water areas. As they are drawn by the human, there could be some errors on the chart. However, these errors can be fixed if you update your maps on a regular basis by the concerned authority. It will help the captain of the ship avoid any problem when navigating the ship on tricky and unpredictable water.


As a mariner, whether you want to purchase or update your nautical maps, simply find the reputed provider. Today, there are a number of sources that offer nautical charts to mariners or seamen. All these nautical charts are quite reliable and efficient. In addition to these maps, you can also get marine books, USCG exam study materials, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), digital charts, flags, recreational charts & planning charts, instruments & accessories, signs & placards, and so on. Moreover, you can also get marine supplies like firefighter gear, float coat suits, life jackets, rescue nets, tapes, immersion suits, and pyrotechnics.

To get the right type of material, it is important to rely on a reputable service provider. Simply take the help of the Internet and find the right provider to meet your marine needs and requirements.

Author’s Bio: This article is all about the importance of nautical charts.

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